Hillcrest Show Arena

Hillcrest Show Arena

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Hillcrest show arena gardens were designed to complement the new build homes that were subsequently built on site. Hillcrest is in Plymouth and therefore I decided to go with a spiral/wave theme. One of the design requirements was for the gardens to flow and for there not to be any noticeable partitions between what will later be sectioned off into three individual gardens.

The sheer size of the design poses a unique challenge, mainly for my computer. Its a powerful machine and for 95% of the garden design process it glided though without breaking sweat. That was until I hit the render button.. Got there in the end thankfully.. So if there is a moral to this story it’s twofold.. firstly always save your work regularly and secondly remember that size does matter when it comes to rendering models.


front garden wide view

front garden

carpark a

carpark b

rear garden


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